Thursday, November 21, 2019

Neurotheology Vol I and Vol II Descriptions Essay

Neurotheology Vol I and Vol II Descriptions - Essay Example This includes perspectives from Darwinian evolution and neuroscience (studies in frontal, parietal lobes and temporal lobe epilepsy), neuropsychology, genetics, cognitive science, cellular biology, chemistry, physics, mindfulness, electromagnetic field effects, and varying perspectives from psychology like conditioning, attachment and learning theories. Other perspectives on science and beliefs are developing from neuroeconomics, neuropolitics, and neuroethics. Neurotheology acknowledges the complexity and diversity of human beliefs by providing a broad conceptual framework to encompass beliefs whether mystical or religious, economic or environmental, political or social, or some other. Beginning with an overview of what Neurotheology is and what it attempts to accomplish, the book will illustrate how Neurotheology proposes six belief dimensions, each of which encompasses different disciplines that posit particular understandings of brain (human physiology), mind, and beliefs from their own viewpoints, research commitments and program obligations. Having set the stage for a greater understanding of the science of neurotheology, the second volume in the series will present a more in-depth look at the various belief dimensions that comprise the focus of neurotheological studies. The first of these belief dimensions is the mystical, religious, spiritual and theological traditions and experiences of human existence. The second belief dimension is that of the scientific programs and psychological theories that are often pitted against the ideas of the first as if they were diametrically opposed. Historical and philosophical traditions comprise the third belief dimension. Anthropological influences are considered within the fourth belief dimension while the fifth belief dimension is concerned with technological

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