Wednesday, November 13, 2019

LBJs Great Society Essay -- Lyndon B. Johnson LBJ American Politics

When Lyndon B. Johnson succeeded the presidency after John F. Kennedy's assassination he spoke of his vision of a Great Society in America. This Great Society included "an end to poverty and racial injustice," and also was intended to turn America into a place where kids can enhance their mind, broaden their talents, and people could restore their connection with the environment. In order to reach his goal, LBJ enacted numerous proposals involving taxes, civil rights, poverty, and much more. For the most part Johnson did an excellent job on delivering his promises, but international affairs threatened the Great Society and although LBJ won the presidency in a landslide victory in 1964, by 1966 he and the Supreme Court began to face serious criticism. The one of the first passed in 1964 was the Tax Reduction Act which cut by about $10 billion the taxes mainly paid by conglomerates and well-to-do. Another major characteristic of the Great Society was civil rights. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act barred discrimination in public places, any federally aided program, and most employment. ...

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