Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Self Defense - How to Survive Lifes Disasters and Build Your Self Esteem

Self Defense - How to Survive Life's Disasters and Build Your Self EsteemIn the interest of personal growth and change, I submitted the wrong essay topic to the college. My initial intuition told me to remain strong in my belief that I was making the right choice. I wasn't. The whole process completely changed my outlook and my perspective on life.Living a life of constant hardship and pain has been my reality for the past three years. I've accepted the fact that no matter how hard I try, life will always reject me. How I go about handling rejection is very important to me.Although I've tried almost everything to find out how to deal with rejection and adversity, nothing has ever worked until I had an honest conversation with myself. I was totally depressed and lonely. This time around, I needed to get my self-esteem back up.Having the courage to tell myself what I needed to do to improve my self-esteem was something that really helped me change my outlook on life and make a positive change. When I began making plans for my future, I quickly became much more optimistic about my future and who I wanted to be.As I applied this new attitude, I began to see how much better I could handle all of life's obstacles if I could just learn to have the same type of attitude I had when I wrote my essay. Yes, you should write your own essay topic as opposed to just having someone else write one for you.It's amazing how much you can do by having the freedom to control your own essay topic. A good topic will help you shine in any area of your life and writing an essay for college would certainly be one of them. By making your essay topic unique, you can take control of your own destiny.I'm sure the college essay topics I submitted back then were not that good. They were not even close to the best essay topic I could have written. It was an important step in taking control of my own life and becoming a stronger person.

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