Thursday, February 13, 2020

Studying in U.K V.s studying in U.S Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Studying in U.K V.s studying in U.S - Essay Example Both countries are extremely large, though American obviously larger, which means they have a variety of schools that serve a variety of different purposes. In terms of top-range schools, America has world-renowned schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of California Los Angeles and so on, while the United Kingdom has such renowned schools as the Oxford, Yale, and the London School of Economics. At lower tiers each country as a variety of schools as well, meaning that anyone will be able to get whatever educational quality they wand and can manage from either country, as the educational qualities of schools are largely similar. Similarly, both countries have schools that are well known world-wide, and American and UK educations tend to be well regarded internationally. While America and The United Kingdom are very similar in terms of educational quality, the two countries and their universities can be extremely different in terms of culture. One must remember that wherever one studies one will be doing much more than simply going to school, so the people in the culture where you attend university will be extremely important. America is a much more conservative country, and in some ways more isolated from the rest of the world, whereas the UK as a more liberal, though also more strongly hierarchical, society. The cultures of America and the UK are very different, and one must take that in to account when deciding which schools would be better to attend. Finally, one must always consider cost when determining where to study. While the educational quality may be very similar in America and the United Kingdom, one has to look at education as an investment – what you get at what cost you can get it. In America, most of the best schools are private institutions that receive little or no government funding, while in the UK they are almost entirely public and thus very affordable for people from that

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